Esperimenti d’amore in una sera di luglio

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Esperimenti d’amore in una sera di luglio Published in: Writers Magazine Italia 8, MI: Delos Books. 26-29. Quella sera di luglio faceva caldo, e io non avevo sonno. E si palpava l’umidità nell’aria. Intensa. Molto. Era una di quelle sere … Continued

The Shaping of Hypertextual Narrative

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I have already discussed the concept of hypertext in the past when I tried to analyze what hypertexts are, how they work, and how they can be used. I then also described the changes hypertexts are going to introduce in our perception of texts. Placed within the new electronic paradigm, hypertext will introduce substantial changes in our way of dealing with information, of perceiving, creating, preserving, and representing knowledge; in short: our way of thinking. I thus would like to focus here on a special kinds of hypertexts: the narrative hypertexts.

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