L'accumulazione delle distanze

La sinfonia della carne

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Borneo - visiting the head hunters' village

Borneo - awakening in a Daiacchi village

etiopia - bull jump - salto del toro 3/3

Ethiopia: Hamer market in Turmi

Libia: entering Acacus

Ethiopia: a market

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Ethiopia: Omo River- Mursi village

Ethiopia: Omo River- Mursi village […]

Ethiopia – Virgin Mary Celebration

Ethiopia – Virgin Mary Celebration – Etiopia – Festa della Madonna […]

Guatemala – Tikal National Park

Tikal is one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centres of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. It is located in the archaeological region of the Petén Basin in what is now modern-day northern Guatemala. Situated in the department of El Petén, the site is part of Guatemala’s Tikal National Park […]

Venezuela: towards the Salto Angel waterfalls

Angel Falls is located in the Guayana highlands,one of five topographical regions of Venezuela. It plunges off the edge of a “Tepuy”, or table-top mountain, and free falls 2,421 feet to the river below, making it the tallest waterfalls on earth […]