{Bound to Auschwitz}

Bound to Auschwitz is an historical
Cd-rom without precedent.
It is an essential tool to understand and deepen our knowledge of the biggest and most efficient death factory of the XX century.

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The two interfaces provided for cd-rom navigation are a chrono-cartography and a subject-focused facility. This, together with an unprecedented and meticulous virtual reconstruction
of the death machineries of Auschwitz-Birkenau, allows for effective access to the mass of information covering the topic, and gives a deep understanding of one of the most debated issues of contemporary history.

{the railroad to Auschwitz}

{the railroad to Auschwitz}

{the railroad to Auschwitz}
The authors are Liliana Picciotto Fargion and Marcello Pezzetti, two of the most authoritative historians of the Shoah and of Auschwitz who contribute to the Centre for Contemporary Jewish Documentation (CDEC) in Milan.
They researched more than a thousand images, hours of live footage and testimonies as well as hundreds of documents; their contribution has been essential to the making of this cd-rom. The Auschwitz Museum, the Washington Holocaust Museum and the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem - three of the major institutions on the Shoah - actively contributed to the sourcing of the immense amount of material utilized.

MB of data: over 500
Video: 60 minutes
Audio: 30 minutes
Historical and chronological maps
Virtual reconstruction of all locations

Jean Claude Pressac, the most authoritative voice on the Nazi extermination techniques, was the key consultant for the virtual reconstruction of the camp’s death machineries. And, finally, a team of communication and image professionals, together with computer teachers and specialists, made this project a multimedia reality. The high scientific and historical content, coupled with accurate reconstructions and various reading options, make Bound to Auschwitz an informative tool suitable to all users. By crossing Auschwitz virtual gates, everyone will be able to navigate their way through the death structures which the Nazis unsuccessfully tried to destroy in order to hide the evidence of their great crime. {riconstruction of the crematorium}

{riconstruction of the crematorium}


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