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patagonia: dancing with the icebergs

borneo: daiacchi dance

China - Taklamakan desert - A celebration on the plateau

Venezuela: from Canaima to Caracas

An introduction to Augmented Reality for the students at the ICT days 2019, University of Trento

etiopia - bull jump - salto del toro 1/3

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Guatemala: a Maya ritual

These are Maya people offering prayers and sacrifices of candles and flowers and other foods to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. They are praying for peace and abundance . Santeria or Rgla de Ocha comes from the mother land of Africa, specifically the Yoruba people. Big cultural difference. You may have been told it was Santeria but Most of these Maya relatives don’t even speak Spanish as thier first language. [Domingo12754]
aqui en este video estan trabajando con los 20 nawales y ofrendas a los antepasados con heirbas incencios velas liquor todo natural y el fuego representa la transformacion hacia cenisas educar es muy lindo. gracias por el video hunapu. [patojoserote]

this video on youtube: Guatemala: a Maya ritual